Tuition & Fees


Application fee

The non-refundable Application fee of $150 per child is due when submitting the Enrollment Application Form. This fee is waived for currently enrolled families.

Enrollment fee

The non-refundable Enrollment fee is equivalent to one month’s full tuition and is due no later than February 13 for in-house enrollment and upon receipt for open enrollment admissions. If this fee is not received by the due date, the class space will be forfeited and made available in open enrollment and/or families on the waiting list.

Program fee

The non-refundable Program fee is dedicated to your child’s supplies and materials for the school year and is due May 1, 2020. The fee for the 2020-2021 school year is follows: children enrolled in the 3-day program – $285; children enrolled in the 4-day program – $310.

NEW Covid-19 fee

The non-refundable Covid-19 fee is dedicated to special sanitizing supplies and equipment AND it includes a 3% charge for no-contact, streamlined electronic tuition and fee payments. The school uses supplies for daily A.M. health-checks and CDC recommended antimicrobial cleaning products to thoroughly sanitize EVERYDAY: all outside play space on the school yard, play equipment, tables, shelves, benches, potties, outdoor sink and inside – handles/door knobs, doors, teacher work spaces, light switches, shared surfaces, prep equipment and sinks. Additionally, we have installed a new outdoor sink, hospital grade hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves, paper towels for hand washing/cleaning and additional soap needed for more frequent hand-washing than we are already accustomed to.  Children in our school wash their hands, with teacher presence and guidance, multiple times a day.

Service Alternative fee

All families are required to volunteer 3 hours (reduced for this year) on a TCGP committee or pay a $300 non-refundable Service Alternative fee by November 1, 2020.

Tuition schedule

TCG tuition is paid in ten (10) monthly payments starting with the 10% enrollment fee, at the time a family accepts the placement offered for next year.  Then nine monthly payments remain, from August 1 through April 1. Below is the tuition schedule for 2020-2021.

Days Enrolled Per Week (Tu-Th or M-F) Yearly Tuition 10% Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) Remaining Tuition Remaining Monthly Tuition (Nine Payments, August – April) With 5% Discount Applied after enrollment fee (if paying full tuition)*
3 mornings: two year olds $4,900  $490 $4,410 $490 $4,189
5 mornings: three to five year olds $6,050 $605 $5,445 $605 $5,173


*TCGP offers an annual tuition discount:  A 5% tuition discount is available for those families paying the full annual tuition by August 1, 2020.  The tuition discount applies only to the remaining tuition balance, but does not apply to the application, enrollment, program, Covid-19 or service alternative fees.

Garden Scholarship Fund*

The Garden Scholarship Fund is a program available to families with children enrolled at TCG.   The purpose of the Fund is to provide some financial assistance and/or flexible payment schedules to families who might otherwise not be able to enroll their children at TCG.  This fund is a needs-based program and availability is dependent upon donations from parents, alumni, school fundraisers and outside sources.   Applications for scholarship are available in the preschool office and are due at the time of application submission.

* This year, we are unable to offer financial assistance as we had to abandon our spring fundraiser due to closure in March, 2020.  Further, we are operating the school well under normal enrollment this year and regrettably, have no funds available for aid.  We look forward to the return of the scholarship fund in the near future .