Lori van Rossem



Lori has been a part of The Children’s Garden Preschool since its inception, first as a parent of a child in the founding class, later as a Robins and Owls teacher and currently as the Assistant Director and CFO.

Lori returned to the classroom two years ago as a fill-in teacher due to a staffing change, and discovered her reignited passion for teaching.  Back as a Robins teacher in fall 2017, Lori is thrilled to be doing what she loves most.  And on Tuesday – Thursday afternoons (following class pick up time) she is still managing all of the financial aspects of the school.  This breadth of responsibility means that you can ask Lori just about anything about the running of TCGP and she’ll likely have an answer!

In her spare time, Lori enjoys yoga, travel – particularly visits to see her family in Ohio, to get away to the North Georgia mountains or the Carolina coast.

Lori is the parent of two high schoolers enrolled at The New School in Grant Park.  Lori and her family have lived in Candler Park for over 23 years.