Open Enrollment Admissions Process for 2018-2019

Open Enrollment Admissions (NEW Families)

We began the open enrollment process on Saturday, January 27, 2018 on a first come, first served basis. After April 30, prospective applicants will be placed on a wait list and informed as spaces come available.

As of this posting, there are just a few spots left for next year. Though we are nearly full and have wait lists in some classes, call the school to get accurate information on any spaces open. This can change at any time.

The following is the open enrollment admissions process:

1. Become familiar with our program information – available on the school website.
2. Visit the school: Attend the annual Open House Day for families on January 27,  or come for an individual family visit*.
3. *Families of Starlings age children: if you are not available to attend the open house with your child, or wish to enroll at a later time, we kindly request you come for an individual child and parent visit, made by appointment.
4. *Families of all Robins or Owls class age children: schedule an individual child and parent visit, made by appointment. All children in these classes have a family visit.
5. Following your visit, submit your child’s application and application fee.

Meeting you and your child in the school is a requirement for admission.

Prospective families are invited to submit an application as long as space remains in our program for the 2018-2019 year. All applications will be considered for enrollment in the order in which they are received and only after the  open enrollment admissions process has been completed. If all of the spaces in a class are filled, a waiting list will be started for the class. The waiting lists are established first through the order of applicants and then maintained on a first come first serve basis. Siblings of enrolled children always receive priority on waiting lists.



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