Class Rhythms

The Children’s Garden Daily & Weekly Rhythms (OUTDOOR) for Owls, Robins & Starlings

Here are our daily & weekly rhythms for our ONE mixed-age class cohort (as of August/September 2020)

Daily Rhythm

8:55 — 9:10am Robins and Owls Morning Drop-Off: daily health and temp check, teacher greeting at the Garden Gate, backpacks to Cubby Hook, farewell to Parent and then right into play
9:15 — 9:25am Starlings Morning Drop-Off: daily health and temp check, teacher greeting at the Garden Gate, child’s bag to Cubby Hook, farewell to Parent and then right into play
Up to 9:50am Free Play on the yard
9:50 – 9:55am Yard tidy up
9:55 — 10:15am Form a Ring to Welcome the day & Daily circle
(On MONDAYS & FRIDAYS: Robins and Owls will leave the yard after circle with their backpacks, teachers guiding children over to Grant Park for Nature Walk and morning snack around 11:15am and big play in the park – “a mini-park day” – then return to the preschool just before parent pick up)

10:15 — 10:40am Wash hands, prepare the day’s snack with the children (see snack details below) or paint at this time, on painting days
10:40 – 10:55am Clean up, potty and wash hands, then gather for storytime
10:55 – 11:10am Storytime and Fingerplays
11:15 – 11:45am Snack and tea
11:45am — 11:55am Clean up from snack and finish any daily work
12pm – just before pick up time Free Play then Clean up
12:25pm Afternoon Farewell: Good-Bye Circle, children and teachers on the yard
12:30pm Starlings Parents Pick up
12:40pm Robins & Owls Parents Pick up
Robins and Owls Monday/Friday mini-parkdays:
We will leave the yard as a class about an hour into the day. We shall return to the school by 12:30pm and gather on the play yard with our farewell songs before parents arrive for pick up.

Late Arrivals:
Please send Sally a text if your child won’t make it to the yard for morning play/drop-off BY 9:25am. The director who is doing daily health and temp checks will be returning inside the building before 9:30am each morning. Let the teacher know first and you will need to wait in your car till a director can come back out to check your child and then start the day with teachers and classmates.

Weekly Rhythm

Daily Activity – Handwork*
Snack – TCG’s Hearty Trailmix

Daily Activity – Fresh Food Making
Snack – Applesauce & Tea (August – Thanksgiving Break)
Stone Soup & Tea (January – early March)
Fresh Fruit Salad & Tea (March – May)

Daily Activity – Bread Baking
Snack – Fresh Bread & Tea

Daily Activity – Watercolor Painting (starts around the 2nd week of the year for Robins &
Owls, around the 4th week of the year for Starlings)
Snack – Oatmeal with Maple Syrup & Tea (August – Thanksgiving break)
Cous-Cous with Butter & Tea (January to early March)
Basmati Rice with Butter & Tea (March – May)

Activity – Handwork*
Snack – TCG’s Hummus with Veggies (August – May)

*Handwork for the Robins & Owls
With our fully outdoor curriculum, handwork consists of simple crafts, garden work, household chores and other hand work like sweeping and raking. The children love their little jobs and working with their hands. This year, we will work with felt, wool and wood in our crafts. More details about the children’s handwork will come from teachers as we move through the year.

PRINTABLE TCG Daily & Weekly Rhythms (Outdoor) for Owls, Robins & Starlings