Jessica Conroy
Starlings Teacher
The Children’s Garden Preschool is a dream job for me and I’ve gained so much from our approach to teaching...
Jess Long
Starlings Assistant Teacher
Since 2016, Jess Long, our new Starlings Assistant Teacher, has worked as a substitute teacher and Friday park ...
Grace Kim
Robins Teacher
Grace Kim and her family relocated to the United States, she’d spent the previous nine years living in Asia...
Vicki Rafferty
Robins Assistant Teacher
Vicki is our new Robins Assistant Teacher, working with Ms Grace, Tuesday to Thursday, each week. Vicki is a native of Michigan...
Sally Hansen
Owls Teacher, Preschool Director & Founder
Sally, an Early Childhood educator since 1994, brings her experience, creativity and warmth...
Natasha Alphonse
Owls Assistant Teacher
Mel utamur nostrud et, duo illud oratio suavitate, qui cu elitr et sanctus. Ei convenire suavitate eos. Ex pro minimum recusabo.
Lori van Rossem
Owls Assistant Teacher, Director & CFO
Lori has been a part of The Children’s Garden Preschool since its inception, first as a parent...
Melanie Regnier
Assistant Director
Melanie was a beloved teacher in our school for many years, starting in 2008 as a sub, then as both an assistant teacher...